We are your removals company. With our highly skilled professionals we guarantee the smooth organization and execution of your international move.

With Rosebrock you benefit in multiple ways – We combine our experience as international movers with the independence of a neutral port agency.  A combination which allows us to develop the optimal logistics for the overseas move which you have entrusted with us.

We mediate independently between the client, steamship company, authorities and worldwide partners. This ensures the usage of the best possible freight rates, i.e. moves to the U.S.A. or Latin America.

Neutral Port / Shipping Agent

We maintain long standing partnerships in the most important worldwide ports and coordinate the shipping and delivery of your removals in cooperation with all participants on an international basis.  Our direct IT-connection to the port systems in Bremen, Bremerhaven, and Hamburg enable us to quickly access all pertinent information.

Customs Clearance

Every country has its own customs regulations and ever changing laws. That’s why it is important to work with the import/export specialists who know a country’s typical customs regulations.

  • Comprehensive clarification of import- and export provisions
  • Export- and import customs clearance
  • Processing of all necessary customs documents

As accredited Authorized Economic Organization, Rosebrock is faster with the import- and export processing – thereby saving you costs and valuable time.


„We like working with Rosebrock. It is not easy for a small moving company, who has maybe one or two overseas moves per year, to find a suitable partner whom understands that we do not know everything there is to know. The team at Rosebrock is always friendly and eager to offer explanations. This is not always the case in our industry.

Customs clearance and shipping to Singapore and New Zealand on behalf of the moving Company F.


At Rosebrock you will find competent worldwide removals service. We offer a complete service for ocean freight as well as airfreight.

Trucking, port handling, transportation costs and surcharges are dependent on transport mode and shipment volume. We find the best solution for every logistical challenge.

Our removals specialists will be pleased to offer our comprehensive counseling. You can trust our many years of experience.

Partial Load (LCL)

Solutions for smaller volume and/or partials load delivery worldwide.

We combine various smaller shipments and organize the transportation of your shipment consolidated with other shipments in a container. Our partial load department plans and coordinates the transportation dependably and economically.

Container (FCL)

You or your local moving company, load the container on your own and we transport it from there.

If requested, we can organize a rental or a purchase container through our partners and see to it that it will be positioned at the place, date and time as requested. Rosebrock takes care of the transportation, the shipping to destination as well as the necessary customs formalities.

Vehicle Transportation

We transport cars and motorcycles to your door, if requested. We are pleased to take care that your vehicle arrives safely at your new destination.  Regardless of shipping per car carrier, solo in a container or combined with your household goods:  We make certain that the most optimal solution is used for your shipment, of course including shipping and customs clearance.


Your most important items are sent in advance per airfreight to destination:

  • Pickup of the shipment, if requested from  your home
  • Airfreight typical packing
  • Delivery to the appropriate air terminal
  • Receiving at destination, customs clearance and delivery to your door

You can trust our airfreight experts!

Logistic Services

Packing and Delivery

Ask about our worldwide door-to-door-service for international removals.

For generations we have worked in a worldwide network with recognized and certified partner with whom we are in excellent personal contact. Our mutual international philosophy:

  • Dependability
  • Smooth and efficient processes
  • Comprehensive support

Though the multi-lingualism of our staff, there are no barriers in our communication. Rosebrock is there for you worldwide.

We are IAMX (International Association of Movers) validated.
See our IAMX Profile


New York, Rio, Tokyo transport via Germany without detours

Our worldwide network, which we use for customs clearance, transportation solutions and “origin/destination services”, is to your advantage.
Together with our partner at destination, we manage the complete removals logistics from Bremen. You have only one point of responsibility and that Is Rosebrock. 

Rosebrock is the right choice for your worldwide removals shipment.  From Melbourne to HongKong, from New York to Durban or from Havana to Christchurch.


Solutions for onward transportation per truck

Our experts coordinate your move within Europe and neighboring countries. From Munich to Bremen, from Philadelphia to Washington or from Hamburg to Warsaw: Our service includes the transportation to and from the destination of your choice.

All customs formalities in the German ports of Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Bremen and Wilhelmshaven are of course taken care of by us.

Container Specification

The dimensions given are typical sizes and are given only as an indication. Rosebrock accepts no responsibility for variations in dimensions. If the dimensions a re critical, please contact us.

Please note that all export containers need to be sealed with high security bolt seals.  These need to be attached to the right container door. Should containers not be sealed as prescribed, additional security measures in port will lead to unnecessary delays and incur consequential charges. 

We always hold the approved seals available for our customers.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

20' Standard


Cubic Capacity Maximum Payload Tare Weight Maximum Gross
33.20 m³ 28,260 kg 2,220 kg 30,480 kg
1,172.4 Cft 62,302 Lbs 4,894 Lbs 67,196 Lbs
40' Standard


Cubic Capacity Maximum Payload Tare Weight Maximum Gross
67.70 m³ 28,860 kg 3,640 kg 32,500 kg
2,390.8 Cft 63,625 Lbs 8,024 Lbs 71,650 Lbs
40' Hight cube


Cubic Capacity Maximum payload Tare weight Maximum gross
76.40 m³ 28,660 kg 3,840 kg 32,500 kg
2,698 Cft 63,184 Lbs 8,465 Lbs 71,650 Lbs


Department Specialists

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Director agency relations
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Director commercial household goods and DoS/GSA traffic
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Commercial household goods
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Commercial household goods
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Commercial household goods
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Commercial household goods and DoS/GSA traffic
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inbound traffic & commercial household goods
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inbound traffic & commercial household goods
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commercial household goods
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