International removals, worldwide airfreight and ocean freight, delivery or transportation of general cargo: Thanks to the active cooperation with partners, network, quality initiatives and associations, Rosebrock offers comprehensive logistic service and counseling to its customers,   far beyond the city of Bremen.


International Association of Movers, Association of international movers with headquarters in Alexandria, (VA), USA.

Latin American and Caribbean Movers Association. Association of Latin American and Caribbean movers with headquarters in Panama.

The Receivable Protection Program (RPP) gives the possibility of receivable protection with other IAM members.

The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, founded in 1926 in Vienna, Austria.

Lognet Global Network
International Network connecting more than 200 independent professional freight forwarders.

Centennial Logistics Network:  International network of freight forwarders with headquarters in Singapore.

Project Partners
is an international project cargo network that works with independent forwarding agents in the OOG / heavy lift sector.

IAM International Logistics Network
A network of freight forwarders, founded by the IAM for the purpose of offering the advantages of a commodities international   network. Members are also members of the IAM.

ISA International Shippers Association
An association with the purpose of negotiating ocean freight rates with the steamship lines for its members. The members are also members of the International Association of Movers (IAM).

Freight Midpoint International Forwarders Network
An international network of more than 200 forwarders who use the annually occurring General Meeting as a chance for their active networking.

G7 Logistics Network
The G7 Logistics Network is a global platform to advance the cooperation and improved business relationships between international forwarders.

AMÖ Bundesverband Möbelspedition e. V.
The AMÖ independently represents the interests of the german moving industry. It’s members consist of Moving companies, new furniture  movers, IT- and art movers.

Confern with 60 partners in 70 locations is one of the largest operating cooperative moving enterprises.

The Eurovan Germany GmbH (Aka EUROVAN) is a subsidiary of the Confern Moving Companies GmbH and coordinates all moving services for all size moves for the European moving industry.

Umzugsqualität (Quality in Moving)
A quality movement of the Deutsche Umzugskooperationen.

(Cargo Distribution Center) Development Association

Road Transportation Cooperative e.G.

BHV e.V.
The “Bremische Hafenvertretung“ is an association of 250 member companies from the logistics, port and transportation industry, primarily from Bremen and Bremerhaven.

The Latinamerika Verein (LAV). A network of enterprises and information platform for the German commerce in Latin America.  The membership consists of German corporations, organizations and institutions from Germany and Latin America.

German Logistics and Forwarder Association

Association of Bremen Forwarders. Trade association of all important forwarder and logistics companies in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

Association of employer and commerce organizations in the state of Bremen.

IHK Bremen
Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Bremen and Bremerhaven

Partnership Undertaking Environment
Public environmental initiative by the Free Hanseatic of Bremen. Member corporations engage in climate protection and energy efficience.