As a certified moving company together with our qualified staff and partners, we see to it that all of your employees can continue working after your move. We take care of the organization, generate the project plan, offer our packing- and unpacking service as well as the important check lists for your move.

Whether you are moving from one floor to another, within Bremen or clear across Germany, nothing should be left to chance with your office- and project move.

We can take care of your move on a weekend if you wish.

Removal counseling and Move planning

What all must be taken into consideration with an office move? What costs for the move will you be confronted with?

We develop an individual procedure plan for you complete move, always taking your company operations into consideration – from the very beginning.

This includes the coordination with other service providers and authorities, as well as the organization of parking permits and barriers.

We calculate the most advantageous total price for your project. The moving costs are kept transparent and comprehensible by us for you.

Removals Service and Project Logistics

The removals logistics experts dependably and with competence take care of:

  • Packing and unpacking through our experts
  • Marking and inventorying of the removals
  • Making packing material and cartons available
  • Furniture dis-assembly and assembly
  • Intermediate storage of furniture and files
  • Furniture inventory management
  • Technical equipment (outside lift, ramps, transportation containers)
  • Parking permits and barriers
  • Professional disposal of packing materials after the move

Removal Cartons and Special Crates

Rosebrock is your partner for your office move. Besides furnishing you receive practical checklists for your move, you also receive the appropriate packing materials, cartons and outer packaging for your PCs and screens. Or you can take advantage of our comfortable packing and unpacking service – it’s more reasonable than you may think.

You will receive the following from us for your office move:

  • File cartons
  • Confern box
  • Flat screen box
  • PC bins

Office and Project Moves: IT Technique & Services

With our experienced service partner, BASYS Bartsch EDV-Systeme GmbH, we see to it that all of your works stations at the new location are on the net punctually and that your company can be contacted per telephone before, during and after the move:

  • Dis-assembly and  set-up of computing center server racks
  • Data back-up
  • Set up of network for various locations
  • Integration of computer into new network, incl. functional testing and workplace support

„The Rosebrock staff knows exactly where an additional desk can be found or how many chairs are available in the conference room”

Office Logistics and furniture inventory management

Rosebrock supports you with its committed removal teams and long standing know-how with your

  • Reorganization
  • The move of your office or departments
  • Relocating work stations during renovation or building restoration
  • Company relocation
  • Or simply the acquisition of new furniture

Rosebrock’s furniture stock management inventories all of your furniture for you. With this service we provide the total internal logistics, storage management, transportation of office furniture, assembly of new, and if necessary the disposal of the old furniture.

Internal changes can be reacted to in a cost effective manner – without disturbing the business as usual of the employees.

Office Moves in Bremen

In view our expertise with removals and transportation logistics, numerous businesses and institutions appreciate working with us.  Here some references of successfully accomplished office- and project moves:

  • Blanke Meier Evers Rechtsanwälte
  • Daimler AG
  • F.H. Bertling Logistics GmbH, Bremen
  • Gesundheit Nord
  • Internationale Schule Bremen
  • OHB AG
  • RKW Bremen
  • Standesamt Bremen
  • wpd onshore GmbH & Co. KG

Furniture – Archive – File Storage

After your office or project move you are unable to place everything and need to store or temporarily store office furniture or files?

In our temperature controlled warehouse in Bremen, we offer suitable facilities with a maximum of security and flexibility.

Using our modern 20cbm transporter, on short notice we can bring that missing desk, the necessary office chairs or files which need to be archived.

Downloads (available in German)


Removal Counseling

You ask yourselves, what is the cost for your office move with a moving company and what needs to be considered with a move? Start planning your move as early as possible! Our consultants will gladly give you a cost estimate, free of charge.

Department specialists