AMÖ conference in Wiesbaden: what does consumer protection imply for the removals industry?

When it comes to fair, expert removals to the agreed terms and conditions, customers can rely upon AMÖ-member companies. With an AMÖ-certified removals specialist, clients are guaranteed their move will be planned and carried out to the highest standards, all at socially responsible conditions.

Just how important it is to set comprehensive, industry-wide standards governing transport and social policy issues, as well as for consumer protection concerns, was once again confirmed by the roughly 190 participants of the AMÖ conference during various expert panels and workshops.

“Rosebrock has been a member of the German Association of Movers and Logistics (AMÖ) since its re-establishment in 1947 and can, therefore, continue to make this long-standing experience available to customers near and far”, says Ronald Schmeling, Rosebrock Removals Department Manager with years of industry insight, on the sidelines of this year’s conference on 16/17 June in Wiesbaden.

Rosebrock was represented at this year’s conference by Mrs. Imke Kleine, Mrs. Ulrike Winkelmann and Mr. Schmeling, who, while there, were able to further cement the company’s existing industry-wide network.

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